Java SE 11 : Moving Java Forward – Part 1 : Introduction

This serie of article presents how, in my opinion, the java language should evolve to keep being a top choice language. It also presents some features, sometimes already existing in other language, that I love but that cannot (or should never) be part of Java, for some reasons that I will explain. I would really love to transform some of those ideas into JSRs one day.

Over the last 15 years, the Java language and the JVM has been greatly improved. The JIT compiler, the apparition of the generics, the auto-boxing, soon (cross the fingers) the lambdas… All that features have contributed to the success of Java. But what is next? How to make Java better?

Through my experiences, I had the opportunity to work with several programming languages. This include C#, C/C++, PHP, Javascript, Groovy, ActionScript 3, Scala and some others… In many of these languages, I have found some features that made me say “that is f***ing awesome!”. Some of those features were not applicable to Java (different programmation paradigm, different way of thinking) while others were completely applicable. Also in some of these languages (mostly in PHP…), I have seen things that made me say “OMG! That’s crap!”… But that is a different story!

In each part of this serie, I will present one feature that does not exist in Java and explain why it should (or not) be in Java, the possible issues to deal with, etc…

Do not hesitate to post ideas of improvement, even the craziest/irrealistic one! I do not pretend myself to have perfect solutions, I just try to open the discussion.

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